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Below, you can see different orientations and subjects that you as a student can choose during the course. The lessons are individually adapted and are aimed at all levels and ages

Acoustic guitar

The student learns basic playing technique, chord playing, melody playing and various accompaniment styles. You as a student get tools that you will benefit from in all genres. You as a student choose your favorite songs and we work together to develop a repertoire.

Electric guitar

How to learn to play a guitar solo? In this course we dive deep into the electric guitar and the student learns to accompany, play riffs, guitar solos and other techniques. The course is adapted to your current level and ranges from beginner to advanced.

Classical guitar

The student learns guitar music from different eras such as the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism as well as contemporary and modern music from the 20th century. We also work with guitar music from South America, Spain and popular music such as blues, pop and rock.

Jazz guitar

The student gets to learn different songs from the standard repertoire within the jazz idiom. We work with chord playing, chord melody, playing bass lines with chords. The student learns to improvise over songs as well as learn how music theory is applied in music.

Brazilian guitar

How to play guitar in Brazil? We go through different Brazilian styles such as MPB, samba, bossa nova, choro, baião. The student gets an insight into the world of Brazilian music and how it is applied to the guitar.

Music theory / Musical concepts

What is a key? How are chords made? What are the building blocks of music? You gain an increased understanding of basic music theory and useful music concepts. We also learn methods for extracting songs and music on our own.

frequently asked questions

First lesson is free. Contact me for pricing and plans.

Depending on the structure and age, there are different choices for the length of the lesson

In order for development to take place, it is important that there is continuity. I recommend a couple of lessons to get results.

As soon as you wish. Contact me and together we will find a working time for your first lesson.

The guitar lessons take place via the ZOOM app, which can be downloaded for free. Before our first lesson, we go through all the settings together so that it will be as good as possible based on the equipment you have.

Yes! I can be your mentor before the admission process and help you in the steps you need.

Yes, you can start your guitar lesson whenever you want. Contact me and we will find a plan that suits you.

Being able to ask questions and get direct answers creates a creative and stimulating environment for the student. Many of my students feel that the interaction with a teacher is a good complement to understanding and being able to apply the knowledge in practice.

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